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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hoho, Sch reopens tomorrow. Journey of sem 3.1 starts. Have to wake up early again. But still ok with the timetable, accept apel. Haha. Hopefully, this sem will not b so hectic as sem 2.2.. I should stop and limit myself from youtube addict too. HAHAs..Opps..And yes, sch haven even start, but we alrdy has tutorial work to do. :(
i wiill try my best to do till the best..and hopefully i will achieve what i wan and wish for. Hwaiting!. Ah ja ja:)
Meet amanda in the afternoon, and headed to bugis. Shopped ard and bought more tops and shorts for sch.. The aunty ask me actually told me and amanda to get L size.! LOL. She say its safer to get a L size than a M, she say that the cutting is small, so it i would probably wear a M or L. Then she still keep asking me to get L, so in the end took L. Craving for dukboki, so went to buy dukboki and headed to Scotts Isetan to get out pay, finally, haha. Home sweet home.:D

Went home, and tried my shorts..its way to big. lol. So no choice, got to go bac to change the shorts..


Meet Mar, Denise and pl at Buona Vista and headed to bopolis, Astar, for the open hse. Hmm, seems that its very hard to get in there, and oso the researches is more related to BMT rather than PST. Duno what to choose for attachment. Hmph.. After the open hse, went to bugis, to have tea break..haha, mayb it shld b dinner. its 5+pm then..haha.. had rosti with curry, the food there is nice. Change my shorts size and headed home. On the way home, duno to say i m lucky or what..LOL. but forget it. :)
~ From every wound there is a scar. And every scar tells a story. A story that says, i survived. ~~
~ Let go when you're hurting too much, give when love isnt enough and move on when things are not like before. ~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy birthday Kim wee! :)

Time pass fast. Couldnt go with the rest to pray, but will sure go when I can.
Hope u're doing fine wherever u are.. :))
You're missed and always remembered.
Hope u will b happy wherever you are.

- Memories of u will always be remembered. - (:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hoho...... hmm, abt 3 week to sch reopen?? Everyday at home is bored..dun really feel like going out though, as going out means have to spend $$.. haha, spend too much last wk alrdy..

Maternal cousins, aunt and granny came Singapore last week, so practically everyday is bringing them out to shop, eat..walk.. Went bugis, ION, The cathay, marina barrage.. spend quite alot esp at bugis. HAHA, instead of bringing them to buy clothes ands shop, i m the one buying. haha. x:
also saw a pair of shades at ion, feel like buying until today.. hmm. should i? ^^ going broke. x:

Shall let the pics do the talking.. fun, and thankful for their accompany, if nt everyday i will be so bored.

16 March 2010
Went bugis to shop in the afternoon, and dinner treat by my paternal aunt and uncle, went to eat crab at Ghim Moh.. After dinner, my uncle wanted to drive my Msia cousins ard Spore.. went to mount faber park, Sentosa, and more.. and lastly marina barrage..

super windy there..
17 March 2010
Brought them to Orchard (Cathay, ION) to shop..and of cos to eat what they wanted-ASTON.. Queued for super long.. by overall, food is cheap and nice.. ((:

Aston Specialities. Yums (:

Thats abt all.. (: waiting for pics..to blog other post. :))

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoho, bac from ipoh. ((:

Went there for abt a wk+, was fun, relaxing.. Celebrated my grannny's bdae. The weather there is super hot, warm, everyday there is like sauna, so most of the day there, is to staying at home, in air con room watching dramas.. =) I watched Autumn concerto, super nice, sad and sweet. Omg,it is really super nice..xiao xiao bin is so cute and gd kid actor.. :) Everyday, there was plenty of food to eat, my favourite food, etc.. had dim sum too.. but i tried my best to resist the temptation alrdy, hopefully nv put on too much weight. Hehe..

Bac to spore, getting bored nw, nth much to do.. hmm..wanna work..

Anyway, pics below during the bdae celebration.. :)

favourite dish, yummy.

grand daughters..nv see camera. =x

grandsons :)

my POPO. Happy birthday,
wishing her happy everyday and gd health.

love ya

the cake. nice

bdae song

blowing the candles tgt.

dearest cousins. ;)

backed home..

with brother

tsk tsk..disturb-ing.


the guy, who like to qiang jing.

with one of my aunt.

vodka (+ shandy = nice). =xafter cam-whoring and eating cake, was drinking vodka and red wine, chit chat, poker. tats all.. ;)